The luxury of camping in an iconic Airstream is now open to everyone.

There are those who go camping and thoroughly enjoy the rustic simplicity that comes with merely pitching a tent or unrolling a sleeping bag under the open sky, reveling in the opportunity to cook over a fire and stare at the stars. Read article online.

Now you can rent an iconic Airstream for the ultimate luxury road trip

Take an American icon with you for the ultimate glamping road trip. The only question is, “How do I back this thing up?” (The answer: Slowly.)


In the early 2000s, Richard E “Dicky” Riegel was in “the best job anyone could ask for” as the President & CEO of Airstream. Under his leadership, Airstream more than doubled sales and introduced popular new product ranges like the International CCD. In 2005 he stepped up to a senior management position with Airstream’s parent company Thor, where he had broad opportunities. Then in 2012 he did something completely unexpected.
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The film and TV industry is making the move to Nevada, and the benefits stretch well beyond just those in the business.
Las Vegas is no stranger to Hollywood lights, and the spotlight means lots of money for the state of Nevada....  Read more.
Airstream 2 Go Airstream rentals

The Great American Road Trip
On The eve of the 150th Anniversary of Yosemite National Park, Kate Betts takes the wheel for an unforgettable Airstream adventure down California's Pacific Coast Highway and beyond.

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AKA, the nine-property brand of luxury extended-stay accommodations, recently introduced a mobile suite at its Beverly Hills, Calif., location in partnership with Airstream 2 Go. The 200-square-foot suite, which is 28 feet long, is connected to a GMC Yukon Denali and is meant to be used on a five-day journey to Santa Barbara to explore the local vineyards, beaches and hiking trails. 

When it was debuted in 1931, the Airstream trailer was the most sylish thing on the road — "Fifth Avenue on Wheels," gushed company founder Wally Byam. That ethos lives on at Airstream 2 Go. The company is the only place in the world where you can rent a shiny new Airstream — and it's a beauty

Airstream 2 Go
What would it be like to take your house on the road and on the water? Fathom contributing koan editor James Sturz discovers the joys of Airstreaming and house boat living in the rugged and beautiful Western United States.
Airstream Rentals Airstream 2 Go
Enter Airstream 2 Go, a new business started by Dicky Riegel, a former Airstream chief executive, with the aim of allowing everyone from curious tourists to diehard Airstream fans to rent one. Riegel was with Airstream for 16 years – “cut me and I bleed silver” he says – and realised there was an untapped market. “Anytime anybody discovered I had anything to do with Airstream, they would ask me, ‘How do I rent one?’ ”
Airstream Rentals Airstream 2 Go

Airstream has symbolized travel in America since 1931, but it wasn’t until Airstream 2 Go was formed in June 2013 that travelers could rent Airstream’s popular trailers. 

Airstream 2 Go has understandably received a lot of attention since founder and CEO Dicky Riegel first introduced the company to the public. The company is based in Las Vegas and Los Angeles, with a seasonal station in Bozeman, Mont. It offers 23-foot and 28-foot Airstream models for rent, complete with a GMC Yukon Denali as a tow vehicle. You can either “Take It & Go” or Airstream 2 Go can provide a customized itinerary based on your needs. 

Airstream Rentals Airstream 2 Go
If you are a traveler with a sense of adventure and a sense of style, a traveler who likes her independence and spontaneity, this could be the great travel changer for you – at least if you are adventuring in the US.  Airstream trailers are an iconic vehicle, THE rv that marries timeless glamor with efficiency of design.  And Airstream2go have gilded the trailer with all manner of luxuries within and coupled it with a custom matched GMC Yukon Denali for easy towing.

If you've always wanted to hit the road in an iconic Airstream trailer, this might be a good time to go. New rental company Airstream 2 Go provides everything you'll need -- including an SUV for that outfitted Airstream trailer -- and a 25% discount for winter travel. It's ideal for a trip to Joshua Tree or Death Valley when desert temperatures are mild.

Limited-time Pricing and Packages Offer Substantial Incentives to Travelers
NEW YORK, NY – November 19, 2013 – Airstream 2 Go, the distinctive travel company offering Airstream trailer rentals, announces new rates and promotional programs for the off-peak season of November 22, 2013 through March 14, 2014.  Highlights of the new limited-time offering include a 25% rate discount, a new three-day minimum rental period, and a streamlined two-tier offering.
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Airstream rentals

Airstream's iconic chrome trailers were the aristocrats of the RV park when road trip culture was at its zenith and stylish travelers still spent more time in their cars than the Admiral's Club. A lot has changed since the 1950s – the once swanky term "recreational vehicle" now sounds déclassé – but a bit of shiny modernism still turns heads.

Dicky Riegel loves Airstreams so much that one of his isn't even mobile; the former CEO of the company that makes them converted an Airstream Bambi into his pool house. (His other Aistream is a 1954 Flying Cloud, which he tows with his 1954 Chevrolet truck.) Trailed by the question "How can I rent one?"

Airstream rentals

Nothing says summerlike a road trip through America's national parks, and now Airstream 2 Go (from $5,300 - 1 week; 800-780-9880; offers gleaming rental trailers packed with everything from barbecue grills to flatscreen TV's and iPads loaded with local travel tips.

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If ever a recreational vehicle could be called iconic, it would be the Airstream. The sausage-shaped silvery aluminum trailer has been a fixture of American road trips since the company’s founding in 1931, but before this year it was available only for purchase. Read more.

A new travel venture called Airstream 2 Go pairs the iconic American RV with customized trip itineraries for an unforgettable, mobile vacation rental.
With Airstream 2 Go, you can rent a 23-foot or 28-foot Airstream, with interiors designed by architect Chris Deam, for a quirky, resolutely American vacation experience. 
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Dicky Riegel is such an Airstream enthusiast that he "bleeds silver." Not only does he own two personally, he was chief executive of the Ohio company that makes them.

Now Riegel is proving his affection for the iconic American RV yet again with Airstream 2 Go. The first factoryauthorized Airstream rental service in the country launched Tuesday with locations in San Gabriel and Las Vegas and pickup service from nearby airports.

One-of-a-Kind Travel Experience Allows Travelers to Discover Inner ‘Lewis & Clark’

NEW YORK, NY – May 1, 2013 – Airstream 2 Go, a distinctive, new travel company offering rentals of current-model Airstream trailers, makes its debut in May, 2013. Airstream 2 Go offers discerning customers a unique and stylish way to explore the United States in a turn-key Airstream vacation experience.

WITH THEIR ICONIC rounded silhouettes and aluminum shells, Airstream campers manage to stir up nostalgia and futuristic dreams all at once. People with Airstreams always seem to be going somewhere fun—and a new company is making it easier to join their ranks. Better yet: There's no roughing it involved.

Editor’s Note: The following column is penned by Dutch Mandel, editorial director for Autoweek, chronicling his association with former Airstream and Thor Industries Inc. executive Dicky Riegel over the years and the pending launch of Airstream 2 Go – the only factory-authorized Airstream trailer rental company in the U.S.

In a completely new twist for the RV industry, former Thor Industries Inc. executive Dicky Riegel in May will launch Airstream 2 Go LLC, a company that plans to rent Airstream travel trailers hitched to GMC Yukon Denali SUV tow vehicles to retail consumers.

”Airstream 2 Go is entirely new for people who never have had the experience of an Airstream,” said Riegel, former president of Airstream Inc. and senior president of Thor, Airstream’s parent company.