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Airstream 2 Go
Do friends envy your freewheeling Airstream lifestyle? They can have a taste of it—and may fall in love enough to buy their own Airstream—when they take a journey with an Airstream 2 Go rental trailer.

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Airstream 2 Go, Airstream rentals

7 Sweet Rides for the ultimate summer road trip
Dreaming of spending the night in a classic silver Airstream trailer? Make those dreams a reality with Airstream 2 Go. Read More

Talking Airstream 2 Go with Dicky Riegel

Dicky Riegel, Airstream 2 Go
It’s clear Dicky Riegel bleeds silver. After all, the former president & CEO of Airstream owns two of them, including a fully-restored 1953 Flying Cloud. But it runs deeper than that.

Benefits off film industry moving into Nevada

The film and TV industry is making the move to Nevada, and the benefits stretch well beyond just those in the business.
Las Vegas is no stranger to Hollywood lights, and the spotlight means lots of money for the state of Nevada....  Read more.

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Airstream rentals

Airstream's iconic chrome trailers were the aristocrats of the RV park when road trip culture was at its zenith and stylish travelers still spent more time in their cars than the Admiral's Club. A lot has changed since the 1950s – the once swanky term "recreational vehicle" now sounds déclassé – but a bit of shiny modernism still turns heads.

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Dicky Riegel loves Airstreams so much that one of his isn't even mobile; the former CEO of the company that makes them converted an Airstream Bambi into his pool house. (His other Aistream is a 1954 Flying Cloud, which he tows with his 1954 Chevrolet truck.) Trailed by the question "How can I rent one?"

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