Airstreaming It

14 September 2014
Greetings from Johnson's at St. Mary's (trailer park). Amazingly it is harder to get internet and phone than Nepal. Turns out our nations National Parks are blissfully out of reach. Who knew. Glacier is truly beautiful. If Yosemite is the bowtied grandfather, Glacier is the crazy uncle. It's a bit wild west and as long as you don't shoot the bears or moose, most everything else seems to be tolerated.
Good Morning Glacier, West Glacier, Montana
The bears are running a bit wild here. Trying to fill up before winter. This Grizzly was about 30' away - but very occupied eating berries. We passed him at 10:00 am in the morning and he was still there eating when we came down trail at 4:30 pm.
Hungry Bear, Glacier National Park, Montana
More soon - the Airstream is AWESOME. Off to drain the gray water and head to the West side of the park. Did I just say that?
To check out the Airstream experience for yourself visit my friends at Airstream 2 Go and their travel partner Off the Beaten Path (ask for Kimberly!!).