Airstream 2 Go Doyle Family

A Great Family Vacation?

..If you are considering renting an Airstream then look no further than Airstream 2 Go. Take your time, look at the pictures and read the blog. You need to digest exactly what is possible.  They are here to deliver your dream and allow you to check the box on your bucket list for life. This is a funky group of folks who create an experience like no other.  We planned our journey almost a year in advance. Part of our detailed itninerary came from the fact that we wanted to do this trip right and not hurry.  We believe that good things come to those who wait. We waited and they delivered.  So- go ahead and start dreaming. Call them and start asking questions. Tell them what you are thinking about and see what happens. Some of your questions may include: What is the bathroom like? Well -just right is our answer. The self pumping shampoo/conditioner on the shower wall and fluffy white towels made showering a pleasure. What is it like to tow? : Nice and tight is our answer.  We had some towing experience but Cliff and crew are SUPER patient and will work with you until you feel comfortable.  How about sleeping accomodations?  Can you believe these things have sheets and down comforters better than most hotels. We each had 2 fluffy pillows and there were more available should we have asked. How long did it take to park and hook up stuff?   By the end of the trip we had it down to less than 20 minutes. My husband referenced the parking cliff notes (no pun intended Cliff) upon each campsite arrival or departure. He leveled and unhooked, our 12 year old put the tire blocks behind tires, our 13 year old attached the cable ( yes, cable so the flat panel TV worked ) and I happily clipped on the solar lights on the awning that were actually labeled "solar lights" in a zip lock bag. I also opened up the lawn chairs, pushed a button so the awning would come down and put the table cloth on the picnic table. Clearly, this was not challenging.  What about cooking and food prep? The galley kitchen was spotless and had a microwave, excellent refrigerator and stove. We also grilled on the portable grill. They even had a set of brightly colored mixing bowls should you be inclined to bake at the base of Yosemite or wherever you end up. As you can see these folks forgot nothing. Go ahead- reach out. You won't be sorry. This maybe the best call of your life.
All our best.
Amy, Peter, Molly & Lucy D.
Buffalo, NY