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Airstream 2 Go can provide you or your company with a single trailer or a fleet of trailers for any type of event. Many companies including GMC, Devolver Digital, Audi, D-I.D. Denim/Factory PR and Aston Martin Lagonda have successfully utilized Airstream Trailers and GMC Yukon or Chevrolet Tahoe tow vehicles for corporate events to showcase their products. Airstream 2 Go works side-by-side with these companies and their vendors to support the event in the field, to respond to special requests, and to ensure success.  

Thinking about going to a special event such as the Air Balloon festival in New Mexico or the Burning Man festival? How about using a fleet of Airstream 2 Go trailers as guest housing for a family wedding? Or maybe you want to see a few concerts out west or check out South by Southwest. What better way than with Airstream 2 Go? Let us bring our luxury accomodations on the road to you. Please contact us for more information at

Airstream 2 Go can also turn private events into something truly special and memorable for your and your guests.  Private events can be anything from a special birthday party to a gorgeous wedding set in a less accessible beautiful landscape. Follow the example of Gray's Anatomy star Patrick Dempsey and bring an Airstream 2 Go rig to the infield ofyour favorite racetrack.  Or maybe just think about a party at Big Sur with Airstreams for all your closest friends.

Airstream 2 Go regularly works with high profile clients, and ensures confidentiality in all facets of its business. Trust us to help you execute your event with style and grace.

Here's what our friend Charles had to say about his Airstream 2 Go experience:

"Imagine hosting a corporate sales and incentive meeting or teambuilding weekend - NOT in a stuffy boardroom in the basement of some no-name hotel BUT rather at the edge of the mighty Colorado or at the base of The Convent in Moab, or deep within Zion Canyon.  Airstream 2 Go’s package of lodging, transportation and personal service allows your team to think outside the boardroom and experience the wonders of the West in style!”

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