Frequently asked questions

Initially, Airstream 2 Go offers round trip rentals only from its two fleet locations in Las Vegas, NV and Los Angeles, CA. As business expands, so too will the number of Airstream 2 Go depot locations.

We welcome dogs on your Airstream 2 Go journey and have select trailers that can be used with pets. Other trailers are pet-free.

There are no mileage limits with Airstream 2 Go!

No - these are only sample itineraries to give you a feel of what you can do with Airstream 2 Go. The destinations you select for your Airstream 2 Go journey are completely up to you! Airstream 2 Go's partnership with Off The Beaten Path means that we provide you with almost 30 years of custom journey planning expertise. Just tell us the kind of activities you like to do and the areas you'd like to visit and let us do the work for you!

We provide oodles of support to make your Airstream 2 Go journey as hassle-free and enjoyable as possible. First, we give you lots of information about how to use your Airstream trailer and GMC Yukon, with a "digital owner's manual" including how-to videos. You are covered by roadside assistance through GM's OnStar system, and through CoachNet, who are experts on Airstream travel trailers. If you have an issue on the road, we'll come out a resolve it for you. And, you are always able to call us directly with any questions about your journey.

Once you book an Airstream 2 Go journey, we will "unlock" lots of resources for your review prior to your trip. You'll know how to operate everything, what to pack, and all of the other expectations for your trip. On the day your journey begins, we'll pick you up from the airport or your hotel, and take you through a comprehensive training process on your Airstream 2 Go vehicles. It doesn't take too long, and at the end of our training you'll be a confident driver!

Sorry, but this isn't an option with Airstream 2 Go at this point. Ultimately this is for your safety, as we can ensure the performance of our GMC Yukon Denali tow vehicles. Plus, why put the miles on your vehicle when you can use our beautiful Denalis?

At this point our journeys are round-trip only.

Our minimum journey length is 5 days at this time.

The 23' FB trailer works well for up to 4 adults. The master bed is a full queen, featuring Egyptian cotton sheets and duvet. The second sleeping area in the 23' FB is the convertible dinette, which converts into a 39'' x 76'' bed, almost a double-size bed dimension, which can accommodate two smaller adults or children.

Airstream 2 Go's journey rates can be readily accessed on our website in the "about" section, under "rates".

Sure! Just call us and we'll help you configure an Airstream 2 Go rental for events or any commercial application.