Letter from the founder

Welcome to Airstream 2 Go, a new and unique company delivering premium Airstream travel trailer rentals for events!
Since 1931, Airstream trailers have been an American icon for travel and adventure.  I was fortunate to be president & CEO of Airstream, Inc. for a number of years, which further ingrained my appreciation for this special product and the lifestyle it represents.  It's safe to say I truly love Airstream, as do many others whose passion and enthusiasm for Airstream is infectious.
Having traveled extensively with my family, friends and colleagues on Airstream road trips and adventures, I can only hope that many others have the opportunity to experience the “Airstream way of life,” whether at a festival, pop-up hotel, product launch, trade show, or private event.  Indeed, the Airstream opportunity should be available to everyone, in its  quintessentially American way. 
Airstream 2 Go has developed a premium and turn-key commercial rental experience, providing its clients with a superb solution for all types of events, including all the right equipment and accessories to make it as memorable as possible.  You can customize the look and feel of the Airstream, with vinyl wraps to highlight your brand or event message, and to suit your intended use.  Mobile hotel rooms? Portable retail showroom? Trade show booths and meeting spaces?  Just let us know your event plans we will help make it happen. The Airstream 2 Go fleet is inherently flexible, highest quality, and built to serve your needs.
Airstream 2 Go’s personnel are truly invested in the success of your event, and will take the time to provide all necessary information and support to ensure its success. We can be on-site at your event as an extension of your team, and will work tirelessly to support your VIP experience.
As you or your company consider your event options, I hope you will consider a new one:  Airstream 2 Go.  I am confident that you, your clients, and your guests will enjoy the experience and that it will be well worth your time and money.
 With thanks,