Private Events

Private events can be large & lavish, or small & intimate- from an unforgettable dinner party with a couple of friends overlooking the Golden Gate Bridge, a birthday party in a remote location, or an incredible wedding celebration. What could make it more special than to have an Airstream trailer or a few Airstream trailers to make that event one that you and your guests will never forget. Contact us with your private event needs and how Airstream 2 Go can make it unique and special.

Airstream 2 Go regularly works with high profile clients, and ensures confidentiality in all facets of its business. Trust us to help you execute your event with style and grace.
Here's what our good friend and actor Patrick Dempsey has to say about Airstream 2 Go:  

"As you may know, I'm an Airstream guy.  It's not just the Airstream my character uses on Grey's Anatomy on ABC, I also own two personal Airstreams that I love to use.  So, when I knew I would be racing at the ALMS race in Long Beach, I contacted my friends at Airstream 2 Go to give me the ultimate in track-side privacy and luxury.  There's nothing like it!"

— Patrick